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Town walls

The only preserved document which shows the town walls original shape in their entirety is the Ackermann plan drawn in August, 1765, after a massive fire of the town center which occurred on July 13 and 14, 1765. Defensive town walls appearance may be partially seen in the Lubinus town panorama map of 1618. The defensive wall ran on the outside of today’s Matejki Street. According to the original course of communication tracts from the south (Polczyn) and the north (Koszalin – now, Zwyciestwa St.) and parallel to the western tract (Kolobrzeg), the town had two main gates – the High (Polczyn) Gate and the Mill Gate (where Staromiejska and Mlynarska streets meet). Entry to the town was provided by additional doors, located in five places in the wall.

The Mill Gate was taken down in 1794. Only the High (Polczyn) Gate at Grottgera Street still exists today. The gate top appearance differs from the original one. The Office Gate at Siemiradzkiego Street is partially re-constructed. This is where the so-called "witches stairs” are preserved. As the legend would have it, the name comes from a nearby tower, where women accused of witchcraft awaited trial.

The 1853 and 1866 cholera outbreaks were directly responsible for taking down the town walls. People attributed the outbreaks to "deadly air” of walled in buildings. At the end of 1868, the town council ordered to take down the wall, leaving only the parts existing today. The wall is built of Gothic bricks (sized at 8.6-9.7 x 12.4-13.4 x 27.0-29.6 cm) of wendish layout and stone foundations. The wall upper part is 70 cm wide while the lower – 100 cm. Medium height – 8 m.

The wall was supported by 25 rectangular towers opening to the inside and spaced regularly every 23 m. The towers external walls were complete was partially closed blends, three to five at every tower.

In 1994-95, most of the existing fragments of town walls were renovated by the Town Hall and the Province Historical Monuments Office.
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